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6 wins, two draws, and one loss by our teams, including the open and the women having substantial wins against USA1 teams.



Starting with a 15.56 win against USA1 (the Nickell team, with Meckstroff-Rodwell not playing), they then lost 0.75 to Bulgaria, but rebounded to win 15.56 against Egypt. This leaves them still in 8th, the last qualifying spot.

Today they play China 17th on BBO starting at 7pm EST, followed by France 2nd also on BBO starting at 10:30 AET, and finishing with Monaco 12th.

For some hands from Monday, see Ben Thompson's report on Bridge Winners.



Starting with two 9.39 losses against China, then Israel, they finished on a high with a 17.59 win against USA1, to move them up to 10th, less than 0.5vps out of qualifying.

Today they play Indonesia 4th, Canada 18th, and New Zealand 17th.



Three good wins, first by 19.52 against France who at that time were second, then 12.80 against Canada, and 13.28 against Sweden, keeping them in first place, but extending their lead over ninth place to over 34vps.

Tomorrow they play USA2 now 2nd on BBO starting at 7pm AET, Argentina 10th, and New Zealand 20th.


The last time Australia made the knockout stage was in the open in 2007. Then Pauline Gumby, Warren Lazer add Bruce Neill were in the team. They are now in the seniors team leading the event.

Posted by David Hoffman on Wednesday, 16 August 2017 at 08:33