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After a loss 2.69 to Brazil, wins against South Africa 11.48, and Bangladesh 15.74, had us still in the qualifying place of 8th.

For day 3, we play USA1 in 4th, and the favourite for the event with many, then Bulgaria in 10th, and finally Egypt in 7th.

Ben Thompson, captain of the team has progressive articles on Bridge Winners on the web (see



A very good day, beating Jordan 14.80, France 15.00, and India 15.19, lifting them to 14th, about 2vps out of 8th.

For day 3, we play China in 2nd on BBO which starts at 7pm EST, then Israel 9th, and finally USA1 in 15th.



Another good day, starting with a small loss 9.39 to Austria, then wins against USA1 by 15.92, and Brazil by 16.88, to have them in 3rd, now over a match in front of 9th.

For day 3, we play France in 2nd on BBO which starts at 7pm EST, then Canada in 16th, and Sweden in 6th.


This was North on round 4, board 30. You hold K6,Q7532,AQ9,AKQ and hear your partner open 1S. Given the propensity for light openings, you should try to give partner an option to stay out of slam.

Partner held AJ742,AK,32,8753 a sound opening but by my analysis, making slam a poor contract.

However both hearts and clubs broke 33, allowing 6NT to make, provided you do not play for the SQ to be onside, which leads to failing.

In the Open, 14 bid it, 3 failing. Australia stopped sensibly in 4NT but lost 11imps.

In the Womens 19 bid it, 5 failing. Australia flattened it in slam.

In the Seniors, 3 bid 7H all failing, and 16 bid the small, 3 failing (who said seniors were old and conservative). Australia were the beneficeries of one of the 7Hs, gaining 14imps.

Posted by David Hoffman on Tuesday, 15 August 2017 at 08:19