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On a tough day, the open team missed some opportunities, but hung in to be a reasonable chance of taking the last qualifying spot.

A dissapointing loss to Netherlands by 3,91, was followed by a loss to Sweden by 8.24, followed by a win over Italy by 13.97, leaving them in 10th place, 5.5 vps behind 8th.

Tonight they play Germany 17th on BBO starting at 7pm AET, Indonesia 13th, and USA2 6th.

However their chances are good, since Egypt in 8th place have to play the teams in 3rd, 4th, and 5th. I am predicting they will not hold their placing.

Monaco is 9th, having to play the teams in 2nd, 12th and 16th, a slightly harder finish than ours.

I suspect it will come down to the last match aginst USA2.



A disappointing day has eliminated them from qualification. Losses to Morocco 2.55, Sweden 2.41 and Brazil 5.82 has dropped them to 13th, about 37vp out of 8th.

Tonight they play USA2 12th, Argentina 14th, and Russia 4th.



A day on which they could have expected more, they lost to India 6.72, and Turkey 7.71, finishing with a win against Poland 15.00.

This leaves them in 5th place, 17vps in front of 9th.

Tonight they play Pakistan 18th, Italy 3rd, and South Africa 21st.

This gives them a realistic chance of finishing in the top four positions.


AS is usual, the BBO schedule for the last round is yet to be determined. However I hope it will include Australia v USA2.


Posted by David Hoffman on Saturday, 19 August 2017 at 07:48