Interesting Hands from Day 1

The following are a couple of hands from the first day’s play featuring the partnership of M. Smith and J Thompson.

Round 3


Australia vs Netherlands Schools               35           19           which converts to            15.05     4.95




Thompson led the 8 and the first trick was completed by 3, 2 and the 9.

The second and third trick declarer pulled two rounds of trumps with the A and K.

Declarer led a to the Q and Smith took the A.

Smith then led the K to get the count and then two more rounds of s with Thompson in with the Q. Thomson led the Q and then the T which declarer ruffed.

Declarer led the 2 declarer and played the K and Smith won with the A. He then led the 3 and declarer put in the 9 and Thompson won the T then another to Smith’s Q beat the contract 3 for +300 (the contract was 3 in the other room for 110, thus a 5 imp pickup).

When Smith under led the Q, it was completely safe as he had a count on declarer’s hand.

However, it was still well thought out and defenders need to be awake to these opportunities.


Round 5


Australia vs Germany                                     32           9              which converts to            16.78     3.22


This hand is a great board for Australia, but it illustrates a common theme for a weak hand as North discovered.



North passed as declarer and thought that this is probably going to be a straightforward auction for him. Thompson opened a heavy 3 pre-emptive bid and South had an easy double and Smith an easy pass thinking that 3 doubled is not going to be a disaster and hoping the opponent’s wander into 4.

North was now under the pump. At most other tables and in a similar situation, North bid 3NT and hoped nobody doubled but he did have help in three suits. This North risked a pass.

South led the A and switched to the K. This enabled Thompson to make 2 overtricks for a 12 imp pickup.

The contract can be defeated if the defence take 2 tricks and North switched to a . This is by no means clear. This is a reason by passing as North is risky action at teams.

Posted by Chris on Tuesday, 26 March 2019 at 20:25