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The Stars Aligned!

Posted by Kim Frazer on Sunday, 22 October 2017 at 11:15


TBIB Open Teams   Round 8, Board 16


So your partner lands you in 3NT and now you have to make it!
Things don't look too rosy with only 7 top tricks after 2 lead from South (Robert Krochmalik). 

Looking at it optimistically, I decided the contract would make if the stars aligned for me. Diamonds had to be 3-3: Hearts had to be 3-3: North (Paul Lavings) had to return a after winning with the A (Clubs looked to be 4-3). I really didn't want a switch at Trick 2.

The stars smiled - North returned a to my King. I played the A followed by 8, ducking in dummy and won by North's 10.

Nine Tricks

Thank Heavens!