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Linda Stern Women's Teams and Bobby Evans Seniors' Teams

Posted by Mike Prescott on Friday, 27 October 2017 at 12:24


The total entry in the two events was 40 teams, with 18 contesting the Women's and 22 the Seniors'.


Linda Stern Women's Teams

After 9 Qualifying rounds, the finalists were:

KAPLAN  Rena Kaplan - Anita Curtis - Judy Osie - Pauline Evans
WOOD  Viv Wood - Jane Reynolds - Lorna Ichilcik - Lynn Kalmin

The final was won by KAPLAN 131.6 to 115.



         - Pauline Evans & Judy Osie  - Anita Curtis & Rena Kaplan

                pictured with Justin Stern - Linda and David's son and grandchildren



 Runners Up
          - Jane Reynolds, Lorna Ichilcik, Lynn Kalmin and Viv Wood




 The winners of the Datums Medals were Lorna Ichilcik and Lynn Kalmin



Bobby Evans Seniors' Teams

The final, after 9 qualifying rounds, was between

BEAUCHAMP  -  David Beauchamp - Bruce Neill - Pauline Gumby - Warren Lazer - Avinash Kanetkar
HOFFMAN  - David Hoffman - Richard Brightling - Stephen Mendick - Bernard Waters


The WALSH Team had actually finished 2nd after the qualifying rounds but were unavailable to play in the Finals.


The Winners of the Final were the HOFFMAN team 129 to 122.4



         Richard Brightling, Stephen Mendick, David Hoffman, Bernard Waters
                  Michael Evans - Bobby's son - shown here holding trophy.



 Runners Up

      Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby, Avinash Kanetkar, David Beauchamp and Bruce Neill
                                                                           with Michael Evans






The Seniors Datums Medals were won by

            Ted GRIFFIN & Mike HUGHES - Ted shown here with T.O. Mike Prescott.