2010 Australian Team Selection Playoffs
WBF Convention Card Upload

Systems for the 2010 Australian Team Playoffs must be described using the official WBF Convention Card.

Details of how the Convention Cards may be prepared are laid out in the Supplementary Conditions of Contest for the 47th PABF Championships: http://www.pabf2010.co.nz/getattachment/Tournament/2010-Supplementary-Conditions-of-Contest.pdf.aspx

Section 15.2.1 of these conditions is reproduced below for your convenience. Please read all of Section 15. carefully.
The Convention Cards may be prepared using any of the following programs:

NOTE: Pairs submitting Brown Sticker Systems MUST use the special forms provided which can be obtained from www.worldbridge.org or www.ecatsbridge.com

CATEGORY - System Classification

To correctly classify your system go to the WBF site at http://www.worldbridge.org/departments/systems/policy.asp. When completing your card please enter the correct COLOUR (Green, Blue or Red)* in the CATEGORY section at the start of the card.

To assist in identification, please ensure that the names of all files contain the surname of each player of the partnership.

If you need further instructions please contact the webmaster at webmaster@abf.com.au.

Browse to each of the files and then click the Upload Files button



Supplementary notes including any Brown sticker conventions may also be uploaded via the method above. Please ensure the files are named so that they can be easily identified.

System cards and Supplementary Notes will be converted to PDF and displayed on the ABF website.

*Yellow systems are not permitted in the 2010 Playoffs.