2019 Australian Playoff Panel (as at 3 September, 2018) - Open

Haffer, Joachim94625176.0
Gumby, Pauline24732136.0
Lazer, Warren35238136.0
Braithwaite, Andrew402974126.0
De Livera, Arjuna196134126.0
Markey, Philip332471126.0
Williams, Justin445002126.0
Kanetkar, Avinash232637120.0
Neill, Bruce45632120.0
Newman, Johnno759181110.0
Mullamphy, Matthew9574595.0
Hans, Sartaj56178991.0
Smith, Matt92516089.0
Nunn, Tony33016787.0
Buchen, Peter776583.0
Harrison, Shane71112879.0
Thompson, Jamie80451773.0
Wiltshire, David52280568.0
Klinger, Ron3364267.0
Kozakos, George15829167.0
Edgtton, Nabil59893364.0
Appleton, David11771462.0
Gill, Peter2238162.0
Reynolds, Peter17610962.0
Cooper, Renee72624960.0
Cooper, Ron11849454.0
Hung, Andy61528550.0
Dalley, Paul59906948.0
Milne, Liam77459648.0
Vadas, Mathew14936547.0
Ashton, Sophie71147041.0
McManus, Matthew4184140.0
Bagchi, Khokan13053238.0
Henbest, Max73632536.0
Williams, Stephen69563736.0
Foster, Julian51889135.0
Weston, David6561735.0
Courtney, Michael7546933.0
Mill, Justin47666833.0
Ewart, Neil6354132.0
Havas, Elizabeth15735132.0
Harley, Dee88923730.0
Morgan, David4404030.0
Wyer, Paul6811129.0
Harper, Ross56821128.0
Beauchamp, David372727.0
Leibowitz, Tony26519527.0
Thomson, Matthew6110726.0
Doran, Martin15441525.0
Hinge, Simon13864925.0
Brightling, Richard671824.0
Cantatore, Nick51938324.0
Fischer, Stephen44695524.0
Hoffman, David15762724.0
Matthews, David16975724.0
Robinson, Ian16000824.0
Thomson, Ian14891124.0
Free, Jonathan2091523.0
Bookallil, Marianne68139320.0
Markovics, Andrew3903920.0
Rosendorff, Nigel12154120.0
Tutty, Jodi42339420.0
Smolanko, George19929119.0
Brown, Terry722618.0
Ebery, Jamie39329018.0
Lilley, David15854218.0
Barnes, Ed56471016.0
Coutts, James80743516.0
Johnson, Geoffrey12724816.0
Kumar, Rakesh3427416.0
Lisle, Ian64568016.0
Lisle, Vicky67909716.0
Peake, Andrew29126916.0
Rew, Fraser63613416.0
Wilkinson, Michael49774616.0
Gold, Leigh39871314.0
Sylvester, Liz95011414.0
Bourke, Margaret13179212.0
Coles, Brad25698612.0
Francis, Neville10110912.0
Frazer, Kim70022312.0
Libman, Tomer89300512.0
McGrath, Francesca72633812.0
Perrin, Murray65944412.0
Reitzer, Jeanette53498612.0
Spooner, Andrew87473612.0
Butts, Joan9932511.0
Ginsberg, Candice31309211.0
Giura, Nicoleta20892211.0
Hughes, Nicholas7146311.0
Pattison, Ella73733111.0
Reynolds, Jane66670111.0
Travis, Barbara19956711.0
Wood, Viv32404311.0
Januszke, Roger19739410.0
Li, Yumin93281710.0
Nagy, Zolly19839010.0
Zollo, John20011510.0
Dawson, Helena5514659.0
Gosney, Paul6003939.0
Gue, Phil1968619.0
Hudson, David2263949.0
Lavings, Paul350929.0
Smart, Michael1604239.0
Bieganski, Tad6576898.0
Ginnan, Laura5863588.0
Hollands, Peter6566588.0
Melbourne, Howard5682018.0
Swider, Andrew2524098.0
Thompson, Ben2392248.0
Belonogoff, Cynthia1189666.0
Bills, Judy2642106.0
Brayshaw, Paul3843996.0
Evans, James1837096.0
Evans, Pamela6342716.0
Evans, Peter2135276.0
Gurfinkiel, Michael2438926.0
Hocking, Judy1971656.0
Hooykaas, Paul2648736.0
Lange, Kevin1976886.0
Middleton, David1982186.0
Mulley, Chris3176406.0
Packer, Mimi4809916.0
Richman, Andrew3826556.0
Richman, Sandra3779106.0
Treloar, Tony7052846.0
Tyson, Jane1626396.0
Tyson, Robert1626476.0
Webber, Wynne1001716.0
Wilson, Deana7649146.0
Yang, John3745816.0
Anderson, David1951974.0
Brake, Jessica7205694.0
Harms, Russel1970254.0
Nie, Daoping5466234.0
Raymond, Linden7370114.0
Zhang, Ming8472834.0


  1. The PQPs used on this utility are unofficial. However, they are used in the entries for the playoffs to calculate the team's combined PQP. The official ABF PQPs can be found at www.abf.com.au/masterpoints-and-pqps/playoff-qualifying-points/. Please report any discrepancies to the webmaster at .
  2. Players with Open PQPs who meet the age requirement may request addition to the Seniors’ Panel and transfer of their Open Points. Similarly, Women with Open PQPs may request addition to the Women’s Panel and transfer of their Open Points. Please email the PQP Compiler at if you wish your points to be transferred and are not already on the Seniors' and/or the Women’s panel.
  3. PQPs from Open events are doubled when transferred to the Women's list.
  4. PQPs from concurrent Seniors' and Women's events are transferred to the Women's and Seniors' lists respectively. Concurrent events are Autumn Swiss Pairs; VCC; Butler Pairs; ANC teams; LSWT and BEST; NWT and NST; Women's and Seniors' Playoffs; PABF; WBF;
  5. Only Players eligible for PQPs are included.