2018 Australian Team Playoffs
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Uploaded Files

NameDate CreatedSize
Women_Pitt_Tobin.pdf2/12/2020 7:50:02 PM799948
Thomson - Klinger System Card.pdf2/12/2020 7:50:01 PM464824
Tutty_Bookallil Jan 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:50:01 PM506861
Women_Bourke_Lusk(1).pdf2/12/2020 7:50:01 PM46616
Women_Bourke_Lusk.pdf2/12/2020 7:50:01 PM46616
Women_Ginsberg_Travis Dec 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:50:01 PM492609
Smart Free.pdf2/12/2020 7:50:00 PM794666
St Clair Frazer.pdf2/12/2020 7:50:00 PM791169
Stephen Mendick & Bernie Waters 2018 Seniors Playoff.pdf2/12/2020 7:50:00 PM453086
Robinson_Kozakos_Seniors_2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:59 PM1409899
S and J Steer Nov 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:59 PM459007
McLeish-Smart 23-11-17.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:57 PM793208
Morrison Smolanko 28-11-17.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:57 PM841277
jane and viv for others.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:56 PM791690
Kaplan Curtis playoff 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:56 PM476465
Krochmalik Lavings 20171122 ABF_Card_FORM.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:56 PM1128765
Ginsberg Travis Nov 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:55 PM1161570
gnk May 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:55 PM485735
Havas and Djurovic.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:55 PM452130
Hoffman - Van Riel.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:55 PM500019
Fuller - Allen System Card.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:54 PM458033
Ginsberg Travis Aug 2016.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:54 PM79100
Ginsberg Travis Dec 2017 (final).pdf2/12/2020 7:49:54 PM498446
Francesca-Renee system.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:53 PM81311
Francesca-Renee-system.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:53 PM81311
Douglas Sebesfi_10-1(1).pdf2/12/2020 7:49:52 PM2026658
Douglas Sebesfi_10-1.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:52 PM2024890
Elizabeth Nevena 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:52 PM449376
Bloom_Rosendorff(1).pdf2/12/2020 7:49:51 PM453260
Bloom_Rosendorff(2).pdf2/12/2020 7:49:51 PM455767
Bloom_Rosendorff.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:51 PM791123
BrownBuchenSeniors.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:51 PM1113218
Ashton Ginnan 2017(1).pdf2/12/2020 7:49:50 PM466041
Belonogoff_Wilson.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:50 PM523206
Bird Creet 2 over 1 Nov 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:50 PM797825
ABF_Card_F_Smyth_J_Tobin_January 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:49 PM522339
ABF_Card_FORM_17I21_davis_williams.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:49 PM466492
ABF_Card_FORM JENNY - EVA Nov 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:48 PM522127
ABF_Card_FORM_17I21_davis_williams toxic.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:48 PM463352
ABF_Card_DeLiveraBraithwaiteNov2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:47 PM465533
ABF_Card_FORM Jenny - EVA MAY 2017.pdf2/12/2020 7:49:47 PM538339