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2017 Australian Open Playoff

Ibis Styles Canberra Eaglehawk • 12-17 November 2016

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 • Latest News

The Semi Finals and Finals of the Open Playoff will be broadcast on BBO, Monday -Thursday 14-17 November

Session Times will be:

  Start Finish
Stanza 1 10.00am 12.08pm
Stanza 2 12.20pm 2.28pm
Lunch 2.28pm 3.15pm
Stanza 3 3.15pm 5.23pm
Stanza 4 5.35pm 7.43pm

The Quarter-Final draw will be:

1. Lazer v 2. Ginnan
3. Hollands v 4. Appleton
5. Haffer v 6. Wyer

 • Venue

Hotel Ibis Styles Canberra Eaglehawk

 • Parking

Plentiful free parking on site.

 • Accommodation

Note: All matches in the playoff are in two-day knockout format. This means that all teams should consider the possibility of being eliminated after two or four days.

As part of our conference package, we have been able to secure an attractive Superior Queen or Double/Twin room rate at Eaglehawk of $135 including breakfast. To book accommodation call the hotel on 02 6241 6033 and quote Bridge and the dates of stay to book the special rates.

An advantage of staying on site is that it may be easier and cheaper for winners of knockout matches to extend their stay and losers to leave without penalty. We expect the venue will allow players to advise at the end of a match that they are checking out the following morning.

If anyone does wish to stay offsite, it is an easy commute from anywhere in Canberra and perhaps cheaper to rent a car than use taxis or Uber.

 • Fees and Subsidies

  1. Entry Fees are $1600. The entry fee is paid by one nominated person per team i.e. no split payments.
  2. Entry fees must be paid by direct deposit into the ABF Account:

    BSB: 082968
    Account: 641482644
    by close of business on Friday 28 October, 2016.

  3. Refunds will be given to teams depending upon when they are eliminated. $800 if they lose in the QF round, $400 if they lose in the SF and no refund to the two finalists.
  4. Refunds and player subsidies will be paid in ONE net amount to the team's one nominated person's bank account on the day after the Playoffs finish. Please contact Jane Rasmussen with your nominated person and bank account details.
Origin Subsidy
Perth $820
Adelaide $570
Hobart $570
Melbourne $440
Gold Coast $505
Brisbane $505
Canberra $0
Sydney $270

 • Format

The format is based on:
  • 128-board knockout matches, each played over two days;
  • teams ranked by PQPs for determining knockout brackets and tie breaking; and
  • a maximum entry of eight teams (ranked upon total PQPs - after discounting).

 • Target

The target event is the 2017 WBF Zone 7 Championships, played in conjunction with the APBF Championships, Seoul, South Korea, May 28 - June 7, 2017. Success at the Zone 7 Championships affords the Australian Representative Team the right to attend the 2017 Bermuda Bowl, Lyon, France, August 12-26, 2017.

 • Regulations

Supplementary Regulations (updated 10 October, 2016)

Smokers please note: Smoking is not permitted inside the venue, nor in any area defined by the TO as a nonsmoking area. In addition during the session, smoking is not permitted by any players currently playing. Breach of this regulation incurs a disciplinary penalty.

Any player or official who accepts a position in an international team is deemed to be aware of the International Representative Players' Charter and have accepted and agreed to abide by its contents.

International Representative Players' Charter

All persons participating in target WBF events must comply with all of the WBF's Codes and Regulations.

 • Contact

Tournament Organiser
Jane Rasmussen
(02) 6239 2265
Chief Tournament Director
Matthew McManus

For further information contact Laurie Kelso and Matthew McManus

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