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2014 Australian Seniors' Playoff

Coogee Bay Hotel • 4 - 8 April 2014

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 • Latest News

The cut off time for EOI to play in the second Senior Team for the Asia Cup is 5.30pm Eastern Standard Time Tuesday 15th April 2014.

Two Seniors' teams have been invited to the Asia Cup.

More details are available for the Asia Cup. See below in Target Events.

The ABF has produced an International Representative Players Charter. See below. The document will be in place for use at the Asia Cup.

International Representative Players Charter

Nominations must be submitted via the Registration page between 9.00am on Saturday, 22nd February and midnight Thursday, 13th March.

Successful competitors in the Open or Women's playoffs who accept the invitation to join the Open or Women's team for the Asia Cup cannot enter the Seniors' playoff. Other players who do enter the Seniors playoff give up the right to take up a place in the Open or Women's Asia Cup Team.

If the winners of the Playoffs choose to attend the Asia Cup, 1st, 2nd and 3rd pairs will receive a further $2000. If any of these three pairs opt out of the Asia Cup they will only receive the advertised prize money. Should a need arise to "augment" the team from pairs 4th to 6th then an amount of $2000 per pair will be made available for them to do so.

 • Venue

The Australian Seniors Playoff will be held April 4-8, 2014 at the Coogee Bay Hotel, 253 Coogee Bay Road, Coogee.

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 • Parking

There will be 52 parking spaces (subject to availability) at the venue. There is a public car park on the corner of Brook St and Coogee Bay Rd.

 • Accommodation


  • At the venue. The Coogee Bay Hotel rates applicable for District View Rooms are: $ 239.00 during any day of the week. All rooms include a light breakfast in the Brasserie and are applicable for both single or double occupancy . These rates will be available until the 21st February 2014 or until allocated rooms are sold. Visit their website for more information: www.coogeebayhotel.com.au
  • Adina Apartment Hotel Coogee (previously known as the Medina Executive Coogee) - A little further from the beach on Coogee Bay Road, but still within 5 minutes of the venue, this apartment hotel offers both 1 and 2 bedroom apartments as well as studio rooms. 4* www.adinahotels.com.au/adina-apartment-hotel-coogee/hotel. To access the Australian Bridge Federation Preferred Corporate Rates offered by Toga Hotels follow the instructions on the ABF website at www.abf.com.au/member-services/membership-benefits/accommodation-offers.
  • The Dive Hotel - within 5 minutes walk on Arden Street. Also 4* www.divehotel.com.au
  • Crowne Plaza Hotel - also within 5 minutes walk but a little further down Arden Street. This hotel has a 4 1/2 * rating. Toll free 1800 669 562 or book online at www.crowneplaza.com
  • Coogee View Serviced Apartments Located at the southern end of Coogee Beach they offer a range of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom self catering apartments. Still within a few minutes walk. www.aeahotels.com.au
  • Coogee Sands Hotel and Apartments Located at the northern end of the beach. Probably little further than the other options but not by much. www.coogeesands.com.au
  • An extensive range of private style rentals can also be found at www.stayz.com.au. These include apartments and houses offering a range of facilities and locations within Coogee.

 • Fees and Subsidies

  • The entry fee is $560 per pair.
  • Entry fees must be paid by direct deposit into the ABF Account (BSB: 082968; A/C: 641482644) by the close of business on Tuesday, 18th March, 2014.
  • Travel subsidies are available for players accepted into the Seniors Playoff.
  • Subsidies will be paid at the commencement of the Playoffs by direct bank transfer into a nominated bank account. In exceptional circumstances, the subsidy will be paid by a cheque sent by post at the conclusion of the Playoffs.
Perth $840
Darwin $800
Adelaide $520
Hobart $520
Melbourne $440
Gold Coast $440
Brisbane $440
Canberra $220
Sydney 0

 • Format

The 2014 Seniors Playoff will be in a pairs format.

 • Prizes

Prize money for the playoffs will be as follows:

1st $5000 (i.e. $2500 each)
2nd $3000 (i.e. $1500 each)
3rd $2000 (i.e. $1000 each)
1st to 3rd will be offered the chance to participate in the Asia Cup with the ABF paying the entry fee, plus an additional $2,000 per pair for each category. No additional subsidy will be paid for a Non-playing Captain. In the event that any of 1st, 2nd or 3rd pair decline the offer to participate in the Asia Cup, the places will be offered down to 6th place with the subsidy available being $2000 per pair only. The ABF will also meet the cost of entry for the second Senior Team.

 • Target Events

There are no target events for 2014. However, Australia has been invited to enter two Seniors' Teams in the 2014 Asia Cup, Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, China, June 12-22, 2014.

Subject to ratification by the ABF Management Committee, the top three placed pairs will be offered the right to represent Australia at this event, with funding as described in the “Prizes” section above.

In addition, the ABF offers to pay entry fees for an eligible second Seniors' Team for the Asia Cup. Immediately after the Seniors Playoff, the ABF Tournament Committee will call for expressions of interest from eligible players to form a second Seniors’ Team.

To express interest, players can nominate in teams of 4 or 6 by 5.30pm Eastern Standard Time Tuesday 15th April 2014. If more than one team expresses interest, they will be ranked on

1) participation in 2014 Seniors playoff
2) PQPs of top 4 players with standard rules for discounting of playoff entry PQP
3) discretion of Tournament Committee.

The venue for the Asia Cup will be the Wu Yi Hot Spring Resort in the WU Yi Count.
Asia Cup Programme (as at April 14)
Asia Cup Supplementary Conditions of Contest (as at April 14)

 • Regulations

Supplementary Regulations

Any player or official who accepts a position in an international team is deemed to be aware of the document below and have accepted and agreed to abide by its contents.

International Representative Players Charter

 • Contact

For further information contact Sean Mullamphy Mobile: 0401 509 616.

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