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Australian Representative Teams for 2008

The Australian Teams for 2008 have been determined:

Open: George Bilski
Women: Margaret Bourke
Senior: Ishmael Del'Monte
Youth: Cathy Mill

Team Manager: David Stern

Open Team for China:
Ron Klinger - Matthew Mullamphy
Peter Gill - Bobby Richman
Richard Brightling - Ian Thomson

Open Team for the PABF:
Jamie Ebery - Nigel Rosendorff
Tony Nunn - Sartaj Hans
Avi Kanetkar - Terry Brown

Women's Team for China:
Sue Lusk - Therese Tully
Sally Murray-White - Helen Snashall
Felicity Beale - Di Smart

Women's Team for the PABF:
Kim Neale - Linda King
Kate Smith- Jill Del Piccolo
Alida Clark - Leonie Fuller

Seniors' Team for China:
Robert Krochmalik - Paul Lavings
David Lilley - Zoli Nagy
Terry Brown - Avi Kanetkar

Seniors' Team for the PABF:
Peter Buchen - Henry Christie
Bob Richman - George Gaspar
Margaret Bourke - David Hoffman


2008 Open and Women's Playoffs

The Open and Women's Playoffs will be held at the Rydges Lakeside, Canberra, March 26-30, 2008.

2008 Results

2008 Open and Women's Playoffs Supplementary Regulations
(updated March 6, 2008: #5.2 and #9.2 modified, #12.2 deleted.)

The Supplementary Regulations include a table of the fields including their seed number for the first round robin. The players in italics did not sign their entry forms and need to submit a declaration; this can be submitted on-site before play commences.

The balance of entry fee/subsidy is payable on-site before play commences.

System cards must be emailed to the webmaster. See note below for deadline and click on the link below for instructions and for system cards submitted.

2008 Open and Women's System Cards (updated March 20)

2008 Open and Women's Qualifiers
Last Train Qualifiers:-
Open: Avon Wilsmore - Michael Courtney, Tony and Helena Hutton
Women's: Nicoleta Giura - Cathy Mill, Annabelle Booth - Lauren Shiels

2008 Open and Women's Playoffs Entry Form and Declaration

Entry Fees & Subsidies (per player):

Net Entry Fee (including subsidy)













Schedule: The first match will start at 10am on Wednesday, 26 March. Subsequent scheduling is to be advised.

Location: Rydges Lakeside Canberra.

Format: The 2008 Open and Women's playoffs will be played in two stages under a pairs format similar, but not identical, to the one used in 2006. 16 qualified pairs will contest Stage 1; 14 of those pairs will qualify via PQP and two via the Open and Women's Last Trains. At the conclusion of Stage I, the four bottom pairs will be eliminated and the remaining 12 pairs will contest Stage II.

Carryover: 12 pairs from Stage I qualify for Stage II. Carryover VPs will be awarded as follows: 

First 28 Fifth 14 Ninth 6
Second 23 Sixth 12 Tenth 4
Third 19 Seventh 10 Eleventh 2
Fourth 16 Eight 8 Twelfth 0

Entries: Entry forms can be downloaded from the ABF website. The entry form will indicate a contact point from which information and relevant entry protocol can be obtained. Entries to the Open and Women's Playoffs must be submitted by registered mail to: Playoff, PO Box 1105, Mountain Gate, Victoria 3156. Entries close at 5pm on Monday, 31 December 2007.

Declaration of entries: Two places in the 16-pair field will be filled from the 2008 Open and Women's Last Train events. The pairs occupying the other 14 places by virtue of 2007 PQP awards, plus two emergency pairs (15th and 16th according to 2007 PQP awards), will be declared on the ABF website on Friday, 4th January 2008.

Systems for Playoffs: It was resolved that any system may be used in the Australian Playoffs (Open, Women's, Seniors), provided that the system is permitted in the qualifying rounds of the international event which is the primary Target Event of that particular Australian Playoff. It was noted that, because YELLOW (HUM) systems are prohibited in the qualifying rounds of the 2008 Olympiad (the primary Target Event for 2008 Australian teams), no YELLOW system is permitted in the 2008 Playoffs.

Submission of systems: Each pair must submit its system on an ABF standard system card using the ABF Convention Card Editor program for posting on the ABF website. The deadline for posting on the website is 14 February, 2008. Failure to meet the deadline will result in a warning. Failure to post the system by 21 February will result in a fine of 1 VP (applicable to Playoff Stage I only). Further lateness will result in additional fines of 1 VP per week.

Declaration of availability: The downloadable entry form will list the conditions (declaration of availability), approved by ABF Legal Counsel and endorsed by the ABF, with which pairs selected to represent Australia must comply. Submission of an entry (on the downloadable entry form) is deemed to represent acceptance of those conditions by the entrant.


2008 Seniors Playoff

Venue: Hakoah Club, Hall St, Bondi
April 9-13, 2008.
Convener: David Stern

2008 Results

Detailed information about the 2008 Seniors Australian Teams Selection Playoffs can be found on the Seniors Playoff website at www.Seniors.thesterns.com.au.

The following entries are accepted where

  • 1 represents nomination for Beijing and
  • 2 for the PABF

Last Train Entries:
Tony Burke - Paul Browne (1,2)
David Hoffman - Margaret Bourke (1,2)

Official Entries
David Lilley- Zoli Nagy (1 only)
Barry Noble - George Bilski (1,2)
Robert Krochmalik - Paul Lavings (1,2,)
Terry Brown - Avinash Kanetkar (1 only)
Chris Hughes - David Lusk (1,2)
Peter Chan - Roger Januszke (1,2)
Peter Buchen - Henry Christie (1,2)
Bruce Neill - Edward Chadwick (1,2)

Wildcard Entries - these are listed in order. Should it be found that an entry has gone astray (very unlikely) then the last name on the list will be required to vacate, etc. There are no subsidies for Wildcard pairs.

Bob Richman - George Gaspar (2 only)
Andy Braithwaite - Fred Whitaker (1,2)
Tony and Helena Hutton (1,2)
Ross Stuart -Gary Lane (1,2)
Liz Havas - Eva Caplan (1,2)
Gavin and Kirsten Bailey (1,2)


You will need the Adobe(R) Reader(R) to view these PDF files. It is available free of charge for most operating systems from the Adobe Web site.

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