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2004 Seniors Playoff List of Entries (Final - March 25)

Bill Haughie Zoltan Nagy 311.00
Michael Hughes Edward Griffin 81.00
Paul Wyer Wally Malaczynski 90.00
Roger Januszke Peter Chan 114.00
Alan Walsh Barbara McDonald 57.00
Peter Buchen Dennis Zines 66.00
Bill Westwood Ian McKinnon 126.50
Margaret Bourke Eric Ramshaw 41.25
Peter Jamieson Ruth Jamieson 189.00
David Anderson David Mortimer 179.50
Barry Noble George Bilski 280.00
Stan Klofa Jeannette Collins 39.00
Margaret Foster Richard Cowan 42.00
Kinga Moses Neville Moses 72.00
Ross Crichton Peter Grant 82.00
Elly Urbach Les Varadi 37.25

To complete your entry you will need to:

  1. Pay the ABF or the convener $340 per pair as soon as possible
  2. Complete the attached declaration (click here) and bring it to the event signed by both players. You will not be able to commence play until the form is signed and handed to the CTD.
  3. Complete the system declaration (click here) (Word doc) and email it to David Stern at david@dbbc.net. Please note that this only requires completion for items where you play something different from what is discussed in the document. Please do NOT repeat NOT complete the entire form. It is an exception report only.
  4. If playing a Yellow System complete the yellow system declaration form
Please note the following regulation:

It is the responsibility of ALL players, whether or not they have completed this form, to arrive for play with a properly completed ABF standard system card and appropriate supplementary sheets. Whether or not a pair has completed a System Disclosure Form, the CTD, in his sole discretion, may insist on pairs not arriving with properly completed system cards, supplementary sheets or Yellow System Disclosure sheets playing a totally natural system until the necessary paperwork is completed.

If you have any problems with any aspect of the procedures then please contact David on 04-1111-1655.