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2004 Playoffs for Selection of Australian Representative Teams

Winners of the 2004 Open Playoff Butler were Sartaj Hans and Tony Nunn.  

Avi Kanetkar-Michael Courtney chose David Horton-Phil Markey to playoff against Phil Gue-Terry Brown and Ron Klinger-Bruce Neill.

Gue-Brown, Klinger-Neill defeated Kanetkar-Courtney, Horton-Markey by 110 imps.

Winners of the 2004 Womens Playoff Butler were Barbara Travis and Elizabeth Havas.

Sue Lusk-Terese Tully chose Di Smart-Felicity Beale to playoff against Alida Clark-Jan Cormack and Beri Folkard-Rena Kaplan.

Lusk-Tully, Smart-Beale defeated Clark-Cormack, Folkard-Kaplan by 87 imps.

Open Butler WinnersOpen Butler Winners : Tony Nunn, Sartaj Hans

Open Playoff WinnersOpen Playoff Winners : Ron Klinger, Bruce Neill, Phil Gue, Terry Brown

Women Butler WinnersWomens Butler Winners: Elizabeth Havas,
Barbara Travis

Womens Playoff WinnersWomens Playoff Winners : Sue Lusk, Felicity Beale, Terese Tully, Di Smart

Open Butler 2nd Open Butler 2nd:Avi Kanetkar, Michael Courtney

Womens Butler 2ndWomens Butler 2nd :
Terese Tully, Sue Lusk

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