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The rights and responsibilities of players eligible to enter the Playoff are set out together with the Playoff format. This document is not distributed by mail unless a specific request has been made to the ABF Secretariat.

The schedule of Playoff Qualifying Points (PQP) and their award to partnerships and teams are published separately.

Players should note that they are not entitled to PQP until they have completed and lodged the Declaration of Eligibility for each event in which they earned PQP, with the exception of 6 PQP for members of teams in the ANC.

A nomination for the Playoff consists of a team-of-six made up of three Designated Pairs. To be eligible each player must have at least six PQP and each Designated Pair must have been awarded at least one PQP as a result of contesting an event in 2002 as part of the same unit (pair or team). It is possible for a Designated Pair to be awarded PQP as part of a team unit without playing as a partnership. Nominations are ranked by the total PQP of all members calculated as 100% of PQP earned in the same unit (pair or team) plus 50% PQP earned in other units.

Initial Nominations Close:
4pm Friday 3rd January 2003. Teams enter by returning the completed nomination form (below) by e-mail to EHR@bigpond.com or by post to RSD H101, Hayes Drive, Ballarat, Vic 3351. A nomination warrants that

- all players have complied with the conditions detailed in the Declaration of Eligibility

- the team contact will comply with the completion of entry conditions

Nominations are ranked by total PQP immediately and the ABF expects to advise the team contacts of successful nominations on the following Monday.

Completion of Entry Date:
11am Monday 20th January 2003. Mailed to PO Box 397, Fyshwick, ACT 2609 or delivered by hand to Rydges Lake Titicaca room. To enter the team contact must, before the final entry date

- pay the entry fee of $900 per team

- lodge completed Declarations of Availability for all six players

- provide systems for all partnerships

Systems must be

- identified by pair and team captain

- submitted as an electronic version (Edwards CCE/ABF Standard System Card format) AND

- as a copy printed from that electronic version plus a maximum of 2 supplementary A4 sheets completed on one side only (electronic version as a Word or text file).

Systems not complying with ABF/WBF guidelines are returned for amendment.
The Procedural Penalty for late submission of (adequate) systems is 1 VP per day commencing from the date for completion of entry.

Entry fee.
$150 per player.

Travel subsidy.
The subsidy for members (but not non-playing captains) of teams ranked 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th for the 2003 Playoff is at least 80% of the cheapest internet airfare available on Friday 17th January 2003.

Thursday 6 March to Sunday 9 March 2003. Play commences at 11.00am on Thursday and it is anticipated that the Playoff will conclude before 6pm on Sunday.

Designated Events 2003.
The successful teams in the Playoff must declare their availability for the designated events at the conclusion of the Playoff. The winner is entitled to choose either, but not both, of the 2003 Designated Events and the second team is offered the remaining event. These are

- Zone Seven Championship expected to be held in early May in Tahiti with the qualified teams contesting the Bermuda Bowl and Venice Cup

- PABF Championship scheduled currently for Manila, Philippines.

The ABF reserves the right to withdraw a designated event if in its sole discretion it believes that security issues associated with the venue for a designated event warrant such a withdrawal. The ABF declares its intention to be governed in the exercise of this discretion by travel advisory warnings issued by the Australian Government.

If and when the ABF withdraws a designated event, it is accepted that it will not offer a substitute event.

If the ABF indicates its intention to withdraw a designated event on these grounds but the players decide to attend the event in any case, the players will release the ABF from any liability that might arise out of such a decision.

Eligibility of members of Open and Women's teams to play in Seniors Playoffs.
Players who accept the invitation to represent Australia in a Designated Event are not eligible to compete in the Seniors Playoff.

Less than 6 teams entering the 2003 Playoffs.
If exactly five teams enter the Open and/or Women's Playoff, the Tournament Committee will attempt to fill the field by offering a wildcard place.

PQP are awarded to teams finishing first through fifth in the Open and Women's Playoffs.

Format. The 2003 Playoff consists of 4 stages

Stage I: 5 x 16 = 80-board round-robin to rank the teams 1 through 6
Stage II: 4 x 12 = 48-board quarterfinal of 1 v 6, 2 v 5, 3 v 4 to determine semi-finalists. The three winners and the loser ranked highest in the round robin proceed to the semi-finals. The two quarterfinal losers ranked lowest in the round robin play for fifth place (with PQPs at stake).
Stage III: 4 x 12 = 48-board semi-finals and match for 5th place. The semi-final draw is highest-ranked winner v highest-ranked loser, second-ranked winner v third-ranked winner. The winners proceed to the final. The losing semi-finalists play off for third place with reserve team status and PQPs at stake.

Stage IV: 4 x 16 = 64-board final and match for 3rd place

Board Rule.
Each player must play 2 stanzas in each stage.

Scoring by IMP.

Whenever teams meet in the Playoff, there is a carry-forward from the IMP margin of the immediately previous occasion on which they met in the Playoffs. The carryover (WBF formula) is one-half if the higher-ranked team won the match and one-third if the higher-ranked team in the round robin lost the match.

The maximum carryover to the next stage is QF & SF, 16 IMP Final, 24 IMP

For the 2003 Playoffs, the field is ranked after the first stage and again after the second stage and, therefore, the WBF one-half/one-third formula applies each second and/or third time two teams meet.

Microsoft Word Versions*
for filling in and submitting by email
PDF Versions
for printing, filling in and submitting by post
Nomination Form Nomination Form
Declaration of Availability Declaration of Availability

* please make sure any Word documents sent by email are virus-free

Final PQP Standings


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