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The rights and responsibilities of players eligible to enter the Playoffs are set out together with the conditions of contest. This document is not distributed by mail unless a specific request is made in writing to the ABF Secretariat. The schedule of Playoff Qualifying Points and awards to players are published separately. Eligible players who have received 20 or more Open, 15 or more Womens or 15 or more Senior Playoff Qualifying Points may nominate for the Playoff as a pair with an eligible partner who received points in the same unit. The dates of entry and the Playoffs are staggered in order that players unsuccessful in the Open & Womens Playoff may enter the Senior Playoff


  • Entry fee to the 2002 Playoff is $140 per player
  • the 2002 Open & Womens Playoffs are held in Sydney over 4 days, Thursday - Sunday, March 7-10 at a location yet to be determined
  • the 2002 Senior Playoff is held in Sydney over 3 days, Friday - Sunday, 26-28 April at a location yet to be determined
  • players must declare their availability, subject to unforeseen circumstances, for the Playoff and the Designated Event
  • acceptance of a nomination does not guarantee that the players successful in the Playoff will represent Australia. The ABF, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to refuse to ratify any pair or player notwithstanding the results of the Playoff
  • the format is a 16-board round robin in which the score of each pair is cross-IMPed against a datum (Butler-style). The IMP available on each board is limited.
           Open & Women: 16 pairs           Senior: 12 pairs
  • playoff participants are responsible for all their own expenses; players, but not non-playing captains, who do not reside in Sydney will received a cash subsidy equivalent to the minimum airfare (this may be an internet only special).
Designated Event
  • The designated event is the PABF scheduled for Bangkok from 13th to 23rd June 2002.
  • Open entrants (the 2 pairs finishing highest that are available) will represent Australia at a tournament organised by the EBU in Manchester from 15th to 20th July
  • Before ratification to represent Australia, players are required to complete a further Declaration relating to their times of arrival, demeanour and like matters for the designated event.
  • The ABF appoints non-playing captains and may consult the ratified team. Non-playing captains need not have captained any team in the Playoff.
  • The subsidy for the Designated Event is equivalent to the cheapest airfare available to the ABF plus an allowance towards the cost of accommodation.

Systems must be submitted on disc (Edwards CCE) and as a copy printed from that disc. E-mail submission is not acceptable.


  1. Playoff Qualifying Points are allocated to players who win or place in major ABF events. Players who are eligible and achieve the minimum qualification may nominate as pairs for the Playoff.
    Open Playoff - 20 qualifying points or such lower number as is necessary to ensure that there are at least 48 players qualified.
    Womens Playoff - 15 qualifying points or such lower number as is necessary to ensure that there are at least 48 players qualified.
    Senior Playoff - 15 qualifying points or such lower number as is necessary to ensure that there are at least 36 players qualified Notwithstanding the qualifications above, a player must earn at least 8 PQP to be eligible for the Playoff.
  2. Nomination for the Playoff. Progressive Playoff Qualifying Points are posted on the ABF Web site. As soon as is practicable after the completion of the last qualifying event, the information and nomination form for the Playoff are posted on the ABF Web site. These documents are not distributed by mail unless a specific written request is made to the ABF Secretariat.
  3. The Playoffs comprise 16 pairs (Open or Womens) or 12 pairs (Senior) in rank order. Rankings are determined by the Playoff Points of each pair:-
      a) a pair must have received Playoff Qualifying Points as part of the same unit (pair or team)
      b) calculation of each player's Playoff Points by addition of 100% of the qualifying points awarded to that player for all qualifying events in which the designated pair was part of one entry unit (while not necessarily playing together as a partnership) plus 50% of the qualifying points awarded to that player for all events in which the nominated pair was not part of the same entry unit.
      c) ties are broken by:-
         (i) recalculation of the Playoff Points using the qualifying points earned in the NOT or SWPC for the Open Playoff and NWT or NWT Swiss for the Womens Playoff only; then including the other qualifying events, one by one in the order listed in Schedule 1, until the tie is broken then, if still tied,
         (ii) lot.
  4. Representation. The team to represent Australia at the Designated Event, the 2002 PABF, is be decided by application of the following sequence
        (a) the three pairs ranked highest are invited, through the persons listed as the contacts, to represent Australia at all Designated Events to which the ABF decides to send a team. For any Designated Event a pair accepts the invitation before the closing date, normally within one week of the end of the Playoff, by submitting the completed and signed "declaration of availability/acceptance of conditions" for both players.
        (b) In the event that any player declines the invitation, all other pairs in rank order are offered the vacant place(s) and accept as in 4(a).
        (c) when an invitation to represent Australia at a Designated Event is not accepted by the required number of players the ABF selects the players to represent Australia in any manner that it, in its absolute discretion, shall decide.