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This site is a portal for all things related to bridge directing. If you have any suggestions about content, either specific sites you think we should link to, or directing issues that you would like information about, please contact our webmaster.

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2020 ABDA Seminar

The 2020 ABDA Seminar that was to be held in Queensland has been deferred to a later date. As yet, no confirmed date has been set. We do know that it will not happen before May, 2021. We hope that the current restrictions will be lifted by then and all will be clear to travel. We will update our website as soon as possible, when we have a confirmed date.


2018 ABDA Seminar

The ABDA held their 2018 workshop/seminar in Canberra on 17-18 November 2018.

Click for notes from Revoke session.

Click for notes from Law 86 session.

Click for original flyer.


Annual General Meeting - January 2018

The Annual General Meeting will be held during the Summer Festival of Bridge on Sunday 14 January 2018. Click here for Notice of Meeting.


2018 Annual Subs Now Due

Annual ABDA membership subscriptions of $25 for the 2018 calendar year are now due. If you have not yet paid, please post cheques, referencing your ABF number, to PO Box 5094 Erina Fair NSW 2250 or make an electronic transfer to ABDA, BSB 062911 Account 10275825 (Commonwealth Bank, Kippax ACT 2615), and be sure to include your ABF Number in the description field.


2017 Laws of Bridge

Note from Paul Lavings "We now have the 2017 soft cover laws in stock at $22.95 less 30% which comes out at $16.00 each plus postage. We should have the hard cover laws in 2 to 3 weeks. See website.

...and from The Bridge Shop "The Bridge shop has advised us it now has copies of the soft cover new 2017 Laws in stock. See website.

Update 26 May 2017 - hard cover edition now available.


Insurance for Directors

We have arranged for directors to be covered under the ABF's Association Liability policy. Please check the fine print for more details on the AIG Certificate of Currency and the Allianz Certificate of Currency.


Annual General Meeting - January 2015

The Australian Bridge Directors Association AGM was held on Sunday 18th January 2015 at QT (formerly Rydges Canberra).

The minutes of the meeting, and the 2014 Financial Statements, President's Report, Webmaster's Report and Treasurer's Report were tabled. These documents can be downloaded downloaded here.


Dealing with Difficult People - a presentation for directors at the 2015 Summer Festival

This was a presentation made by Melanie Fisher of Mfish Consulting to Directors and Conveners during the 2015 Summer Festival of Bridge in Canberra. We hope that even just the slide data may be of use.

Click to download.


2014 Annual Seminar - 8-9 November, Adelaide

The 2014 ABDA Directors seminar will be held at Adelaide over the weekend of 8-9 November 2013. It was be hosted by the South Australian Bridge Association, and directors from all over Australia are invited. ABDA seminars are annual events, and participants' travel costs are subsidised by the ABF. More information is available on our ABDA Seminar page.


2013 Annual Seminar - 9-10 November, Cairns

The 2013 ABDA Directors seminar was held in Cairns over the weekend of 9-10 November 2013. It was be hosted by the Queensland Bridge Association, and directors from all over Australia were invited. ABDA seminars are annual events, and participant's travel costs are subsidised by the ABF. More information is available on our ABDA Seminar page.


Alerting Regulation Changes from 1 August 2013 - Announcing

New! As of August 1 2013 there will be a significant change to the current alerting procedures which will have an impact on all players. When you open 1C or a natural 1NT, there will be no need to alert the bid. Instead, partner must automatically announce¯, without waiting to be asked, the essential meaning of the bid.

After any announcement, the opponents will still be able to ask supplementary questions, however the basic information already conveyed will avoid much of that need.

A side benefit of this new approach is that many of the problems currently created due to inopportune (and sometimes pointed) enquiries will now disappear. And opponents will no longer be at risk of confusion caused by variable 1NT ranges and the like.

It will take some time for players to adjust to such a significant change in alert procedure. Directors are encouraged to exercise suitable tolerance in respect to inadvertent non-compliance until players become familiar with the new procedure.

Announcements have been successfully used in both England and the United States for a number of years and it is felt that the above application of the same approach will also be beneficial in Australia.


2013 Annual General Meeting - January 2013

The 2013 ABDA Annual General meeting was held during the Summer Festival in Canberra on Sunday 20 January 2013. Click here for the minutes and related documentation (PDF).


Bridge Directors for Cruise Ships

The following information is provided without prejudice by ABDA as a service to ABDA members.

Many of you will know that cruise lines often carry Bridge Directors aboard to provide activity for players on days when the vessel is at sea. Princess Cruises, now one of the main operators in Australian waters, has recently appointed a local agency who are now recruiting Bridge Directors without the requirement for US certification. The agency - Graceful Speakers - was originally established to provide Guest Lecturers. On the request of cruise lines, they added Bridge Directors to their lists about a year ago. They now receive a substantial number of openings both in Australian and internationally. They charge a flat fee of $275 which provides the Director and a guest a stateroom aboard the ship and access to all passenger facilities. Port taxes and charges are covered as well. Onboard purchases, including shore tours, are discounted for the Director. Gratuities are paid for the Director. Travel to and from the ship is at your expense. If you're a Director who's keen on cruising and comfortable dealing with players at all levels in both lessons and play, please contact Andrew Gregson at who will provide further information.