• Current Partner Requests

The partnership coordinator is ✉  Geoff Schaller Tel: +61418559343.

If the Player Details have been withheld contact the coordinator otherwise contact the players directly by phone or by clicking on the player's name to email them.

Player DetailsRankingRequestPostedDelete
Wally Scott Open Swiss Pairs (06 Jun 2019)
Bill Bradshaw
Intermediate Partner needed
My partner for the Wally Scott Pairs has dropped out at the last minute due to ill health. Happy to play seniors or open pairs.
03 Jun 2019
Tania Gariepy, Kaylee Lemon
Open Team mates needed
Kaylee and I are happy to play with a suitable and nice pair. Reserve the right to decline
08 May 2019
Victor Champion Cup Swiss Teams (08 Jun 2019)
Vinod Nasta
Open Team mates needed
I am also very happy to play in the open
03 Jun 2019
Vinod Nasta
Intermediate Team mates needed
I may not be able to play the entire 2.5 days but happy to play as part of a 5/6 member team. I can play Standard, ACOL, 2/1, 5 card major with weak NT and/or Precision
02 Jun 2019
Rudi and Pamela LIDL
Open Team mates needed
17 May 2019
Prithiraj de Zoysa
Open Team mates needed
I Wonder whether Michal Rosa can partner me to team-up with NZ players? I teamed-up with a NZ pair last year as well.
09 May 2019
Sue Martin
Restricted Team mates needed
Hello Haj and myself are coming from Tasmania and are seeking some teams mates fror this event. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you
15 Apr 2019
Bharati Chakravorty
Restricted Team mates needed
Hi, Diane Davies and myself are looking for team mates to play in VCC Teams 2019. Please contact me if you are interested.
09 Apr 2019
Karen Smith
Restricted Team mates needed
Hello Nicolette & myself Karen are coming over from Auckland for this event and would love some teams mates fror this event. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you
03 Mar 2019