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Posted by Kim Frazer on Thursday, 15 June 2017 at 00:53

The 2017 Victor Champion Club concluded on Monday June 12th, with two younger teams taking first and second.


The delighted winners pictured above were David Wiltshire, Maxim Henbest, Jamie Thompson and Shane Harrison.

Going into the last round, the Henbest team led by 1.3VP's over the McRobert team (Gordon McRobert, Thilak Ranasinghe, Kae French and Geoffrey Johnson), whilst the Van Jole team were just 0.4vps away in 3rd place. In the final round. Henbest played McRobert, and the match was won on 2 boards. 

On Board 19 shown above Henbest/Wiltshire defeated EW's 4 by 3 tricks for +800; whilst Harrison/Thompson sitting NS at the other table were allowed to play in 5 undoubled for 5 off.

Then on Board 23 (below), both rooms were in 3NT EW which required careful play.  Harrison/Thompson were successful in making the contract whilst French/Johnson were defeated in the other room.  The 27imps on these two boards were enough to swing the match to the Henbest team who took the match and the title.

Van Jole also won their last match to move up to 2nd, whilst the top seeded Markey team had a strong win in the last match to move up to 3rd position, with the McRobert team relegated to 4th place.

Below Runners up were Paul Gosney, Justin Williams, Johnno Newman and Nathan Van Jole (not pictured)


At the presentations, Tournament Organiser Kim Frazer paid tribute to the efforts of the team that had worked together to deliver another successful VCC, and thanked the sponsors for the event.

Check out the photo gallery for all the winners and photos from the Presentations.