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Posted by Kim Frazer on Sunday, 11 June 2017 at 14:22

Victor Champion Cup – Results after Day 1


Day one of the VCC Teams threw up some surprise results with several teams finding the going tough.  At the top of the field there is not much separating the first 4 teams. Van Jole and Henbest are currently undefeated.

Hans and Harms are close behind with 3 wins, however as the teams at the top start to face off against each other, the field will start to spread out.



More winners from the VCC Pairs

In Friday’s Pairs events, the VCC is pleased to acknowledge the sponsorship from Pianola for the Restricted Pairs event, and I am sure our winners were delighted with the prize, whilst our Under 200 Masterpoint Pairs victors were also thrilled with their win.


Restricted Pairs Winners

L – R VBA President Ben Thompson with the winners Jolanta Terlecka and Dell MacNeil and James Ward from Pianola who sponsored the event.

Under 200MP Winners

L – R Ben Thompson, Susie Groves and Alastair Lowe

HAND OF THE DAY – Jamie in the Rough

By Jamie Thompson

Board 18 Match 2

On this hand, Jamie Thompson found an innovative defence against 2S by South when he led the QD at trick 7:

The play went:

  1. 5, Q, K, A
  2. 3, 6, A, 2
  3. 9, 4, K, 7
  4. 5, Q, 2, 10
  5. Q, 3, 2, 5
  6. 3, 9, K, A
  7. Q, 4, 3,!! 2
  8. J, 8, 8!, 3
  9. 4, A, 6, 6
  10. 5, 7, J, 4

Trick 11 saw a trump promotion for West making the spade 9 after East returned another club – for one off.

Quite a cute defence!

Opening Pre-empts with 4 Card Majors

By Kim Frazer

Board 16 Match 4

This board presents a classic issue for many players. Those who advocate passing hands which you would otherwise pre-empt with when you have a four card major on the side might struggle later to describe this one. Consider what happens when West follows this rule and passes in the opening seat and then tries to enter the auction later.

The auction might then proceed P, 1, P, 1;

Now what – does West come in with 2 or 3? It is much more difficult at this vulnerability. I usually like to open 7/4 shapes at the 4 level, however at this vulnerability, and with this particular hand with so many losers I would opt for 3.  North / South now have a much harder time bidding and competing to the right contract.

Looking at the results, it is quite interesting how many pairs made 5, although the defence isn’t easy as a switch has to found quite early in the play. Matt Doran who suggested this hand to me commented on how well Joan Butts did to defeat 4 with her lead of the 2 to partner’s Ace partner returned a club for a ruff. Joan now underled her A to partner’s K for a second ruff.