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Two x 6C from Match 5. Bd 15 & 7

Posted by Nick Hughes on Friday, 21 October 2016 at 08:28


A few pairs reached 6 here, maybe after West was able to show a singleton heart over 2NT. Strangely, three declarers managed to go down on a diamond lead. Looks like they each played a club to the ace early on. That can't be right.


Now Board 7 from the same match

I played the marginal 6 from West, the short side. I won the heart lead and ran 10. If the finesse wins, I would be in great shape. If East wins K and returns a spade, I can still make. Hop A, draw trumps, take the ruffing finesse in hearts to take care of dummy's spade loser, then a successful diamond finesse for 12 tricks.

So I made, right?

No. Robert Krochmalik as South ducked 10. Naturally I repeated the finesse. I was down now because I had to play hearts to try to get to dummy to draw trumps.