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Welcome to the 2014 Spring Nationals

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Wednesday, 29 October 2014 at 08:08


Sn bridge My name is Marcia Scudder. I wear the hat of Tournament Organiser.
I am delighted to welcome you to the 2014 Spring Nationals.

Your Chief Tournament Director is Matthew McManus. He will be assisted by John McIlrath, Ed Barnes, Bruce Crossman and Jeff Carberry.

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         Matthew                   John                     Ed                      Bruce                         Jeff

Novice Pairs 

This year sees the introduction of the Novice Pairs and a new Sponsorship by Australian Bridge Australianbridgelogo darkgreen
The event is just for players with fewer than 100 masterpoints. I am delighted to announce that the top two pairs in the Novice Pairs will be awarded free 12 month subscriptions to the new on-line magazine Australian Bridge - Novice Edition.
All members of the best performing team comprised only of Novice players in the Two Men & a Truck Restricted Teams will also be given free subscriptions.

BBO Broadcasts Bbo

Abf logo

The Semi-Finals and Finals of the Open Teams and the Finals of the Women's and Seniors' Teams will be broadcast on BBO. I am grateful to the ABF, as they will pay for the staff to facilitate this.

eBulletins  Bulletin

As in 2013, there will be a 2014 Spring Nationals eBulletin. Anyone can contribute an article. Email john@scudder.id.au or see John at the eBulletins Help Desk to obtain a login and password. You can then use the site to write and submit articles to the Esteemed Editors.

Melbourne Cup and the Women's and Seniors' Teams  Melbcup

This year, the Women's and Seniors' Teams will be played when the Melbourne Cup is being run. You won't miss out. Match 2 on Tuesday 4th November will be split into two halves. Boards 1-10 will be played before the Cup and 11-20 after. You will be able to view the race which will be broadcast at the venue. We will run Sweeps for those wishing to have a flutter.

Consequently the end of play for the day will be delayed until shortly after 7 pm.

Oaks Day Pairs  SbcRose

The finals of the Women's and Seniors' Teams will be held at this venue on Thursday 6th November. As a side event that day, the Sydney Bridge Centre will sponsor a two session Super Congress, the Oaks Day Pairs. Enter at the Reception Desk. 

Australian Playoffs - Discussion Meeting

The ABF Tournament Committee has reviewed the timing and format of the Playoffs to select the Australian representative teams for different years of the 4-year International Representation cycle.

In summary, starting with the selection of the 2017 representative teams,  the TC recommends that the Open and Women’s Playoffs be held in early December each year, and that the format follows the current practice of Teams-based selection in all years except even non-leap years (2018, 2022 …) when it will be Pairs-based. 

The deadline for comments is 30th November, 2014. The Tournament Committee invites interested players to join our representatives to discuss and comment on Friday 31st and again next Wednesday 5th at lunchtime in the Galaxies Room.

2013 Winners

Two Men & A Truck Restricted Teams

Allan Pike - Kathryn Hawke - Edward Truscott - Mike Edwards

Spring National Open Teams

Michael Wilkinson - Griff Ware - Pauline Gumby - Warren Lazer

Dick Cummings Open Pairs

Ian Thomson - David Beauchamp

Ted Chadwick Restricted Pairs

Lavy Libman - Tomer Libman

Linda Stern Women's Teams

Paula McLeish - Jan Cormack - Lynn Kalmin - Lorna Ichilcik

Bobby Evans Seniors' Teams

Ron Klinger - Bill Haughie - Robert Krochmalik - Paul Lavings - Paul Wyer - Robbie Van Riel


I am very grateful to our sponsors:

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I urge you to support those who support our Tournament.