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Would you like some IMPs? Here, have some IMPs

Posted by Johnno Newman on Friday, 31 October 2014 at 14:56

I've been meaning to get an 'IMP donor' shirt made up, and today it would've suited me well. Defending champs Griff Ware/Michael Wilkinson and Pauline Gumby/Warren Lazer stole all our IMPs, including the ones we dropped.

This board was particularly impressive/embarrassing (round 5 board 19). You are North defending 4 by West. You know that partner opened 3 in first seat at favourable vulnerability. Wilkinson has landed in 4 after some more NS noise:

I led T, covered and  won in dummy. Declarer played two rounds of spades, noticed the break, and led a club to partner's ace. Partner played K, then a club, covered and ruffed in Dummy. Wilkinson drew partner's last two trumps and cashed the A.

When Declarer cashes K you hold


What would your last pitch be?

While I was thinking about that, thankfully Michael claimed. Whichever suit I discard from establishes a trick for dummy. 

The full hand was

Hopefully you did better than me and realised partner could have been 6-4 with a singleton red suit, you overtook the K, and cashed the Q to find out which ruff to give. Teammate Will Jenner-O'Shea also made 4, but South hadn't preempted (probably making it harder for North to defend). Perhaps I fell asleep when partner relinquished the beer card at trick one, a pessimistic sign for defensive hopes to the unconscious.