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Free Range Bridge not for Chickens

Posted by Mary Lynch on Thursday, 24 October 2013 at 14:47

At last a Women’s Bridge Book written by a Woman.

Mary lynch h500A bridge frolic; chock full of juicy tips and craft. 

This book highlights the importance of flow and
creative logic along with aggression. 

Feisty and fun, your inner rogue will be unveiled and
you will be taken on a magical bridge adventure.

It’s the PERFECT present for partner and friends. 


(inc. postage) 

Pay by MC, Visa, etc on my website:

also for eBook and kindle version.

OR send a cheque to Mary Lynch
23/163 Willoughby Rd
Naremburn NSW 2065
with name and address.

OR make a bank transfer to
BSB 083-210 A/C no 11-778-5083
and email me at marylynch@tpg.com.au


PAULINE HASSETT (enthusiastic club player)
“Absolutely loved it! Hilarious and lots of great tips on sacrificing (my worst area) and creativity." 

A naughty ROOSTER “stole” a look!
RON KLINGER Sydney Morning Herald 22nd September 2012. “Mary Lynch of Melbourne has written an amusing and useful bridge book Free Range Bridge Not For Chickens. It aims to show women not just how to improve their game, but also how to use more aggressive bidding.”