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Smooth as Silk

Posted by Bruce Neill on Thursday, 31 October 2013 at 06:02

Vulnerable against not, you hold AQ8, KQ83, A3, 9643. Dealer on your left opens 1, RHO responds 2, opener rebids 2 forcing, responder bids 3 non-forcing, and LHO ends proceedings with 3NT.

Partner leads the J, and dummy is 2, J10, KJ108654, QJ2.

Plan your defence before looking at the full diagram.


Obviously if you win the A, declarer will duck the second spade, win the third, and knock out the A.  3NT making a comfortable overtrick!

You've worked out by now that you need to play the Q on partner's J to lure declarer into winning the first spade. But were you ready to do it in tempo?

My partner Arjuna De Livera certainly was. Smooth as silk! Two off!!

And no pick up. Tim Bourke did exactly the same thing, also in tempo, at the other table. Just another flat board.