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Insufficent Bid Problem

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Wednesday, 30 October 2013 at 20:36

What a dilemma accepted insufficient bids make.

In match 7 on board 6 I opened 1 with the East hand. Inez misread my 1 as 1 and responded 1.  Pauline was quite happy to accept this bid so she could show her hearts.  Naturally I repeated my spades by bidding 1 again.

So the bidding had gone
1 P 1 1 1

Now Inez was in a quandary, what is forcing?  2 does not sound forcing. 2 might agree spades or ask for a stopper that she knew I didn't have. Does 3 agree clubs?
Eventually she bid 3NT despite having no club stopper.  Pauline assured us that she would have lead the Q against 3NT.

As I had opened the hand with the intention that spades would be trumps I bid 4.  

Not quite the Chadwickism "what is an eight card suit?  Trumps!!" but close enough.

A flat board ensued.