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An old fashioned score

Posted by Julian Foster on Friday, 25 October 2013 at 09:10

Before the change in scoring some years ago -700 used be the score for 4 off doubled not vul. 
These days there's only one way to manage it - 7 off undoubled vulnerable.  Pretty rare. 

Match 2 board 3. 

Hugh Grosvenor  opened an aggressive 3S.  Orlando Wu  tried a sort of gambling 3NT overcall!  Annette Maluish looked at this for a while and eventually decided to pass.  8 rounds of clubs duly followed.  Dummy clung to its 4 spades to preserve a stopper for as long as possible so Hugh pitched down to just 3 spades and dummy ended up scoring the HAK at the end.  Just the 7 off!  


-700 didn't feel like a good result at the time. 
But little did we know.  Teammates duly reached 6Cx for +1090 (I am sure they weren't the only ones).

How often do you go 7 off vulnerable and gain 9 imps?!