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Occasional Ramblings from the TD's

Posted by From the TD's Desk on Thursday, 24 October 2013 at 08:58


Session 1

The event got away to a terrific start, very few calls except for “Boards, please!!”.                                   Prescilla

Mainly the usual, Pass - Out of rotation, before any bid.                                                                John and Sebastian

Board 3.


The auction now went :-

West North East South

  Pass - out of rotation
 (not accepted) 


1C*  P  Pass required by law  P

➢ How do you advise West (a restricted player) to bid now, knowing that partner will pass?
➢ On this particular hand 3NT, of course is cold

Session 2

A little more action, missing cards, revokes, explanations and now board 8 

West North East South
P 1H   P  4C
P  5S*  P  6H


* I was called to the table for an unintended bid.
N/S are not a regular partnership and some players still use 4C Gerber. 
North “forgot” and thought he was responding to 4NT.
Unfortunately, I did not allow any change to the call as I maintained that North made a mistake NOT and unintended bid. 

Would an open player like to suggest a good bidding sequence for a restricted player to reach 7H.