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Tournament Organiser eBulletin #1

Posted by Marcia Scudder on Sunday, 20 October 2013 at 11:52

Marciascudder h500

My name is Marcia Scudder. I wear the hat of Tournament Organiser. Sbf

I am delighted to welcome you to the 2013 Spring Nationals.

New initiatives this year are:

1. eBulletins

There will be a 2013 Spring Nationals Bulletin, and it will be electronic. From an initial "lightbulb" moment, Pauline Gumby has created the interactive site. Anyone can contribute an article. Email john@scudder.id.au or see John at the eBulletins Help Desk to obtain a login and password. You can then use the site to write and submit articles to the Esteemed Editors, David Beauchamp and Louis Koolen.

Paulinegumby h500          Louiskoolen         Davidbeauchamp          

        Pauline                            Louis                           David     

Ted preferred h5002. The Ted Chadwick Restricted Pairs
This is a new event honouring the dedication of Ted Chadwick as an enthusiastic teacher of bridge. It is gratifying to see that the response to the introduction of this event has been overwhelming. 


Horse3.  Post-bridge Horseracing

On Friday 25th October, there will be night races at Canterbury.  All players present at the Spring Nationals that day are invited to attend as guests of the Australian Turf Club.  Simply go downstairs and enjoy the evening.

4.  Hallowe'en Pairs
SbcThe finalPumpkins of the Women's and Seniors' Teams will be held at this venue on Thursday 31st October. As a side event that day, the Sydney Bridge Centre will sponsor a two session SuperCongress, the Hallowe'en Pairs. Enter at the Reception Desk. 

Your Chief Tournament Director is Matthew McManus. He will be assisted by John McIlrath, Bruce Crossman and Sebastian Yuen.

Matthewmcmanus h500         Johnmcilrath h500        Brucecrossman           Sebastian yuen h500

       Matthew                           John                                Bruce                                  Sebastian


I am very grateful to our sponsors: 

Paul Lavings Bridgebooks and Supplies                 Two Men and a Truck                                 Penline

Postfree books1

                2men         Penline small

              The Queensland Bridge Association                            The Tasmanian Bridge Association


                       Qba h500                                                 Tba

I urge you to support those who support our Tournament.