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Mixed Playoff for 2022 Team

The Mixed Playoff for the 2022 Australian Mixed Team will be a 12 pair playoff, concurrent with the Seniors Playoff, to be conducted from 5 to 10 March 2022.

Interested eligible Mixed Pairs will be invited to submit their credentials, as a pair, to a five-person qualifying committee who will choose 12 pairs to go into the 2022 playoff. The qualifying committees choice will be based on the ability of the pair to finish 1st to 3rd in the playoff. Registration of submissions will open on the 9th February 2022 and close on 16th February 2022. Players placed 1st to 3rd in the Open and Women's Playoff (concluding 8 Feb 22) will not be eligible. The committee will announce their decision prior to opening entries into the Seniors Playoff.


An updated full table of PQPs leading to Open, Women's and Seniors Playoffs for 2022 Australian teams is provided on the PQP page. Qualification to the Mixed Team will not be by PQPs as insufficient events were possible to make this appropriate. A separate announcement will be made with respect to Qualification to the Mixed Playoff in 2022. The TC has confirmed the Open ANC Butler to be held online will receive PQPs as per the table on the PQP page.

WBF Updates:

The WBF have announced changed dates for the postponed the 2021 World Bridge Teams. The new dates are 27th March to 9th April. Refer announcement WBTC_1stInfoLetter.pdf (worldbridge.org) .

Noting this change, and for the avoidance of doubt the TC and the Board confirm our previous decision regarding Australian Teams i.e. the current Australian teams' tenure be extended to the end of March 2022 and include the revised World Bridge Teams dates.

The TC and the Board reaffirm our previous announcement regarding uncertainty regarding travel requirements and if ABF will be able to send representative teams. Any Board approval of travel and participation together with any offer to the teams will be considered closer to the proposed dates for events.

 • Purpose of the Playoffs

The primary purpose of the Playoffs is to select the Australian Women's, Senior and Mixed Teams for the next year. By entering either Playoff, all players declare that they are available and intend to represent Australia in any Target Event/s if they qualify.

Participation and performance in the Playoffs are also major criteria in deciding to whom the ABF offers the opportunity to represent Australia in any other (non-target) representative events that may arise in that year.

All players who enter the Playoff must be eligible to play for Australia as per the ABF's Eligibility to represent Australia Policy, and be eligible for any Target Events as per their eligibility codes.

 • Format

Entry to the Seniors' to be to 12 pairs based on Seniors' PQPs. Entry to the Mixed playoffs will be 12 pairs determined by a five-person committee from submissions by interested eligible Mixed Pairs.


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For further information contact Laurie Kelso and Matthew McManus