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Non-contending teams may not enter the 2020 Australian Mixed Team Playoff.

All players in teams not qualifying to the semi-finals receive free entry to the Consolation Sunday Pairs.

 • Purpose of the Playoff

The primary purpose of the Playoff is to select the Australian Mixed Team for 2020. By entering the Playoff, all players declare that they are available and intend to represent Australia in any Target Event/s if they qualify.

Participation and performance in the Playoff are also major criteria in deciding to whom the ABF offers the opportunity to represent Australia in any other (non-target) representative events that may arise in that year.

All players entering the Playoff must be eligible to play for Australia as per the ABF's Eligibility to represent Australia Policy, and be eligible for any Target Events as per their eligibility codes.

 • Venue

NSW Bridge Association, 162 Goulburn St, Surry Hills, NSW

 • Parking

Parking vouchers for the council car park on the corner of Goulburn and Elizabeth Streets may be purchased from the NSWBA. Tickets ($12.00) are valid all day till 12.00 midnight.

 • Accommodation

There are numerous accommodation options near the NSWBA to suit all budgets.

 • Eligibility

Open entry to teams of 4 or 6 where each pair is mixed. There are no PQP requirements. No Yellow systems or Brown Sticker conventions will be allowed. There will be no requirement to lodge systems in advance.

All players must comply with the Eligibility to represent Australia Policy and with the conditions of eligibility set forth in the WBF's Eligibility Code. Teams also declare their availability to represent Australia at the target event if they win the Playoff. In order for a team to be eligible, every individual member of the team must be eligible.

 • Fees

$720 per team paid by direct deposit by the close of business on Wednesday 15th January to the following bank account:

BSB: 082968
A/C: 641482644
Reference: "XP(your ABF Number)" example : "XP759181"

Players in teams failing to qualify to the semi-finals receive free entry to the Consolation Sunday Pairs. There will be no refunds.
50% Youth discounts apply.

 • Catering

Lunch will be included each day. In addition, tea, coffee, biscuits will be available throughout the day.

 • Format


2 days Swiss or Round Robin. The format of the Qualifying will depend on the number of entries.

Semi Finals and Finals

64 board semi-finals and 64 board final. All screened tables with BBO coverage.

Consolation Sunday Pairs

A Swiss Matchpointed Pairs with cash prizes, run by the NSWBA.

 • PQP

Open PQPs will be awarded. Women will be able to transfer these to the Women’s PQP list at double the value.

 • Target Events

The target event will be the 2020 World Mixed Teams Championship.
The dates and venue of the World Bridge Games are yet to be announced.

Other Supported Events

The ABF will support a team to play in the APBF Congress Mixed Teams in Perth, April 17-22, 2020.
Selection will be based on the ABF Team Selection Policy for Non-Target Events.

 • Regulations

Supplementary Regulations

 • Program

24-25 January
26 January
26 January
Consolation Swiss Matchpointed Pairs
27 January

 • Contacts

Tournament Organiser
Marcia Scudder
(02) 9264 8111
Chief Tournament Director and Scorer
Matthew McManus