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2016 Australian Seniors' and Women's Playoffs

QT Canberra • 12-17 March 2016

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2016 Australian Playoff Panel - Women

1Bourke, Margaret131792217.0
2Lusk, Sue197912186.0
3Travis, Barbara199567174.0
4Wood, Viv324043113.0
5Ginsberg, Candice313092102.0
6Mott, Judy4448291.0
7Chadwick, Marilyn991189.0
7Sharp, Toni27360089.0
9Mundell, Giselle16484480.0
10Belonogoff, Cynthia11896676.0
11Bookallil, Marianne68139372.0
11Travis, Lauren70181572.0
11Tutty, Jodi42339472.0
14Caplan, Eva22737466.0
14Thompson, Jenny14766466.0
16Herden, Cathryn2721963.0
17Zets, Avril47795854.0
18Reynolds, Jane66670149.0
19Clark, Alida17022448.0
20Bird, Sheila24521645.0
20Creet, Karen29397045.0
20Hoffman, Julia15763545.0
20Rankin, Pele26499745.0
20Tobin, Judith6139545.0
25Futaesaku, Shizue35340143.0
26McLeish, Paula54154039.0
27Biltoft, Val12212237.0
28Cooper, Renee72624936.0
28Havas, Elizabeth15735136.0
28Nailand, Rita25582336.0
31Glanger, Inez1672135.0
31Scudder, Marcia5514135.0
33Fuller, Leone19476134.0
34Smart, Di14763133.0
35Beale, Felicity13096627.0
35Djurovic, Nevena49791627.0
35Ginsberg, Monica56992527.0
35Kaplan, Rena3196827.0
39Bell, Anne87321724.0
39Schroor, Paula14675724.0
41Frankel, Deborah12804121.0
41Greenfeld, Deidre12912721.0
43Hood, Catherine23355219.0
43Jones, Doreen12725619.0
45Del Piccolo, Jill21407818.0
45Driscoll, Wendy17033118.0
45Hurwitz, Sybil58682118.0
45McCartney, Patsy4004518.0
45Smith, Kate12287418.0
50Marrett, Barbara25219015.0
50Pitt, Helene26841015.0
50Tobin, Ruth6140915.0
53Grund, Rosemary24760112.0
53Marler, Di26476812.0
53Pettigrew, Ann42072712.0
53Roberts, Judith19896112.0
53Stephens, Adrienne25941112.0
58Butts, Joan993259.0
58Fallon, Alison1964799.0
58Folkard, Berenice203039.0
58Ichilcik, Lorna7695099.0
58Kalmin, Lynn2899579.0
58Tucker, Greer1077359.0
58Zines, Tina684979.0
65Bardon, Toni111426.0
65Blight, Jan1203406.0
65Boyd, Maruto8635566.0
65Callander, Maggie1328106.0
65Carter, Yolanda5192516.0
65Collett, Pauline5429546.0
65Collins, Jeannette1708796.0
65Collins, Shirley1334776.0
65Cooper, Dallas2694516.0
65Cowan, Louise7241066.0
65Elliott, Catherine1533976.0
65Emerson, Susan3720136.0
65Faranda, Jay1166456.0
65Frazer, Kim7002236.0
65Lachman, Catherine1408566.0
65Li, Eileen7904436.0
65McAlister, Diane7373486.0
65McNeill, Elizabeth4665146.0
65Mellings, Ann4042336.0
65Morin, Cassie3087496.0
65Parrott, Yadi2923036.0
65Phillips, Susan116816.0
65Prince, Joan1191216.0
65Redman, Lyn7301916.0
65Routley, Jane5849836.0
65Smyth, Felicity1604746.0
65Snashall, Helen1320556.0
65Vincent, Lynette1078326.0
65Williams, Heather4093916.0
65Woods, Meredith1507706.0


  1. Entrants to the Playoffs are advised that the information displayed here and the PQPs used on this utility are unofficial. All information regarding the Playoffs should be checked in the relevant Supplementary Regulations. All PQPs should be checked on the ABF's official PQP home prior to entering the Playoffs.
  2. Players must be financial members of the ABF to enter the playoffs.
  3. Players may enter the Playoffs as teams of 4 or 6 players.
  4. Only players who are on the relevant Panel may enter the Playoffs.
  5. There is no requirement for players to have played in the same units as their playoff teammates but PQPs are discounted by 50% for all events in which they played with no member of their playoff team.
  6. PQPs from concurrent Senior and Women's events are transferred to the Women's and Seniors respectively with a factor of 0.5. Concurrent events are Autumn Swiss Pairs; VCC; Butler Pairs; ANC teams; SNWT and BEST; NWT and NST.

Please report any discrepancies to the webmaster at .