2015 Canberra in Bloom Bridge Festival

Woden • 2 - 5 October 2015


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If you are paying for your entry by direct deposit, please note: BSB: 805022 Account Number: 03558622

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» Canberra Southern Cross Club

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PDF 2015 Canberra in Bloom Supplementary Regulations

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PDF 2015 Canberra in Bloom Flyer

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PDF 2015 Canberra in Bloom Seminars

 • Parking

The Canberra Southern Cross Club has abundant FREE parking beneath the building. Access the parking area through the boom gate. Take a parking ticket to activate the gate. Keep the ticket. There are three levels of parking. You enter the club through a door from the top level, or by lift or the stairs from the second and third levels. Go to reception and announce yourself as a bridge player. You may be require to sign yourself in. Before leaving the club, have your parking tick endorsed by the machine on the reception desk. Tickets that are NOT endorsed will not activate the boom gate and you won't be able to get out.

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Tournament Organisers
John Brockwell and Elainne Leach