Past ANC

ANC Rotation

2010  Tasmania
2011  Victoria
2012  Northern Territory
2013  South Australia*
2014  New South Wales
2015  Western Australia
2016  Queensland
2017  ACT

*South Australia and NSW have agreed to swap dates, so the 2013 ANC will be held in South Australia, and NSW will be the host in 2014.

Australian National Championships (ANC)
incorporating the
Territory Gold Bridge Festival

Darwin Convention Centre
Waterfront Precinct

July 7 - 19, 2012

Contact: Pam Nunn
Mobile: 08 8981 7287

ANC Teams

State and Territory Associations Entry Form and Fees

All information for States and Territories relating to entry forms and fees including System Cards and Yellow Defence forms for the ANC Teams and the Victory Dinner can be found in the document below.

State and Territory Associations Entry Form