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In keeping with the Australian Bridge Federation's commitment to the promotion and support for an active youth bridge program in Australia, David Lusk and Andrew Mill have been appointed as joint youth liaison officers.

The ABF recently called for nominations for the position of National Youth Coordinator. Unable to separate two applicants with such outstanding credentials, it was decided to appoint David and Andrew to handle the position jointly.

While their primary responsibility will be to liaise with the state youth counsellors, the following initial objectives have been established.

  • To develop marketing programs to attract and retain youth players.

  • To develop bridge lesson programs aimed specifically at the youth market.

  • To provide support materials to assist state youth counsellors to attract young players into the game.

  • To establish a national youth web site.

  • To utilise computers and Internet bridge as a possible means of increasing youth interest in bridge.

  • To ensure that Australian youth teams are properly prepared to meet their international commitments.

Youth bridge includes players up to the age of 25. Youth players are offered subsidies to play in Australian national championships, in zonal competitions in the Pacific basin and in World Junior Bridge Championships.

The ABF recognises that a coordinated approach to youth bridge is essential to the success of any initiative to increase the base of youth players. In furtherance of this approach the ABF has established a youth bridge committee comprising David Stern, David Lusk, and Andrew Mill with a fourth member, likely to be a youth player, yet to be appointed. This committee proposes to hold open meetings to utilise fully the resources of the many people who have shown a willingness to be involved in the promotion of youth bridge.

Through these measures, the ABF has reasonable expectations of an increase in youth bridge activity in the medium term.

For further information please contact David Stern, Chairman, ABF Youth Committee.

Phone 61 2 9331 7896 or 04 1111-1655.
Fax 61 2 9360 2716.
Email stern@mail.com
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