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A Message from the President

On behalf of the ABF Management Committee I would like to wish all players and clubs a very happy new year. Your wonderful support in a difficult year in 2011 was appreciated. The way clubs and individuals rallied to assist clubs affected by natural disasters, fire and flood and in the case of Christchurch, New Zealand, continuing earthquakes was impressive.

There is still much to be done in 2012.

The ABF Masterpoint Centre Newsletter has, in recent issues ( available on the net ) attempted to keep players and clubs apprised on the development of our new Masterpoint system. We are grateful for the input and support of State Masterpoint Secretaries. All the existing web site functionality has been maintained, but the new site should prove easier to navigate. There is one menu of options showing on all pages, a Site Map, and plenty of help. The October Newsletter outlines the great new features. The new system came into operation effective 1 January 2012. The Masterpoint Centre would be pleased to receive your feedback - positive or negative!

It just so happens that the October Newsletter includes an extract from an email from Roy Nixon, ABF Treasurer, expounding the benefits of ABF Membership. Please read that Newsletter.

I know we are going to have success in 2012 because of your continued support.

Thank you.

Keith Mc Donald
President ( ABF )