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New Member's Information Kit now available

At our meeting on 5 February 2012 the ABF Management Committee endorsed a proposal for new members to be provided with a 'New Member's Information Kit'.

The importance of a proper, thorough new member's information kit cannot be emphasised enough. Imagine belonging to an organisation and having only a vague idea of its goals, the responsibilities of membership, its programs, history or traditions etc.

It would be hard to feel like you belonged. It would be hard to be motivated and committed to help the organisation reach its goals.

Information provided in the information kit is intended as a foundation for new members. It is designed to help them understand how their club functions, what their role is and it also provides them with the big picture of our organisation.

When new members are properly informed, they are more likely to feel comfortable with their club and become actively involved in activities right away. A properly informed new member is also more likely to remain in the organisation.

Interested members can find the kit on the ABF web site under 'for members', Information on and for our members' or follow the link

Keith McDonald