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2009 Gold Coast Congress

Entries for the Gold Coast Teams will be accepted right up to 20th February 2009.

The 2009 Gold Coast Teams field is the most amazing array of international stars ever seen in Australia. After play finishes each day, we will try to arrange seminars where the superstars discuss the hands of the day. We hope to see you there.

As well as Australia's and New Zealand's top players, teams which have entered include:

1. Lorenzo LAURIA, Alfredo VERSACE, Adam ZMUDZINSKI, Cezary BALICKI, Jimmy CAYNE, Michael SEAMON Italy's World Champions with a champion Polish pair and two famous Americans

2. Norberto BOCCHI, Giorgio DUBOIN, Dano De FALCO, Agustin MADALA, Guido FERRARO, Antonio SEMENTA Champion Italians, most of whom have won World Championships.

3. Geir HELGEMO, Tor HELNESS, Marlene WATTS, Gabby FEILER, Susan INGHAM, Robert FRUEWIRTH Norway's greatest pair - current Bermuda Bowl Champions - plus some Aussies.

4. Kyoko OHNO, Akihiko YAMADA, Masayuki INO, Makoto HIRATA The currrent World Senior Teams Champions from Japan.

5. Hugh MCGANN, Tom HANLON, Alon APTEKER, Craig GOWER The Irish pair who won last year with a great South African pair.

6. Howard MELBOURNE, Arjuna DE LIVERA, Bill HIRST, Paul HACKETT Three English stars who have won the Gold Coast Teams before, plus one Aussie.

7. Kiran NADAR, Subhash GUPTA, K Ramen VENKATRAMAN, Sunit CHOKSHI, Batchiraju SATYANARAYANA India's National team

8. Barry GOREN, Geoff HAMPSON, Joe GRUE, Curtis CHEEK, Andy HUNG, Adam EDGTTON American Champions - Reisinger winners - with two young Aussies.

9. Tony LEIBOWITZ, Paul LAVINGS, Louise LEIBOWITZ, Karen MCCALLUM Three Aussies with a five time World Champion from USA

10. Kim MORRISON, Marilyn CHADWICK, Kathy BOARDMAN, Migry Zur CAMPANILE Migry is a famous Israeli champion, teamed with players from down under.