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2007 Open and Women's Playoffs

Due to extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances, the Management Committee of the ABF has invited a seventh team to join the Open Playoff. The invited team being the Markey team, as submitted during the tender process. It is anticipated that this team will accept their invitation.

To assist with the efficacy of the movement and the validity of the tournament, it has been decided to also increase the number of teams in the women's playoff to seven. This is to be achieved by inviting the McCartney team, as submitted in the tender process, to enter the tournament. Once again, it is anticipated that this team will accept their invitation.

If for any reason, a team withdraws from either event, or decides not to accept their invitation to play, then only the affected field will be reduced. That is, we will hold events with unequal numbers of teams. If multiple teams withdraw from either event, the Management Committee of the ABF will consider the situation and make a decision accordingly.

The ABF Tournament Committee is currently working on amending the regulations and format of the events. As soon as they have determined the detail of the events, they will be posted on the ABF website.

Please note, there is currently no consideration being given to altering the advised format of the Seniors Playoff event.

Keiran Crowe-Mai
January 4, 2007