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ABF Masterpoint Centre

January 2008 is not only the start of another year but for the ABF Masterpoint Centre, it is the beginning of a new era. After being run and administered from the home of John and Ruth Hansen in WA, the Centre will be housed at the offices of Migration Path in Victoria. This relocation is the culmination of an extensive upgrade to the server facilities which will run the Centre into the future. The effective move date will be 1 April 2008.

Whilst most clubs and players will see very little change to the facilities provided by the Centre, the ABF Management Committee are confident that the easier to use Windows based scoring and online masterpointing capabilities of the new software will prove very attractive to clubs and their directors as they become familiar with them.

It is not the intention of the ABF MC to insist that all clubs move over to this new software immediately. The roll-out will be staged at intervals in order to provide training and support to the clubs in the states with the smaller number of affiliated clubs initially. As these states and clubs grow confident with the new package, other key clubs will be encouraged to come on board.

Until this roll-out is effected, club masterpoint secretaries should continue to send their files through to the Centre but to the following email address:-

The postal address and telephone contact details will not change until 1st April 2008. After this date a "hot line" for queries will be established with an administrator at the Centre available to respond. Additionally a message service will be in place.

The ABF MC look forward to this new era and encourage all state and club administrators to direct any queries or concerns during the teething phase of this project to:-

Dianne Marler,
ABF Masterpoint Centre Project Coordinator
Tel: 0414 689 620

John Hansen will be "on line" for a further three month period assisting with the issues that are likely to arise during this time. It goes without saying that after 20 years of service to the ABF, its clubs and players as Coordinator of the Masterpoint Centre, the ABF MC owes a debt of gratitude to John Hansen for his professionalism in administering the many aspects of this very important role. Sincere thanks are also conveyed to Ruth Hansen who supported John very capably during this time. Perhaps now John and Ruth will have more time to indulge in their favourite pastime!!