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Australian Bridge Magazine Subscriptions

Message to the Bridge players of Australia from the Management Committee of the ABF.

The Management Committee of the ABF has recently been able to successfully arrange the following mutually beneficial arrangement with the producers of the Australian Bridge magazine.

Every affiliated club shall receive, for two years (likely to be renewed) a subscription to the Australian Bridge Magazine.

This arrangement shall afford to members of all affiliated clubs access to a highly professional and informative publication which supplies a wide ranging service to all those that read it.

For many years the Australian Bridge magazine has been a world class publication for the information of its subscribers. The ABF is proud to be able to assist its members in gaining access to this wonderful publication.

Please note, The ABF Bulletin shall remain the primary conduit of information from the ABF to its members. This arrangement in no way is meant to replace the ABF bulletin with Australian Bridge.

As always, if you have any questions, please direct them, via the website to the MC of the ABF, we are here to assist.

Keiran Crowe-Mai
Treasurer ABF
February, 2007