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International Mind Sports Association (IMSA).

Press Release from the World Bridge Federation
Friday 3rd June 2005

On the occasion of the Sport Accord Congress, held in Berlin, Germany on 19th April 2005 

  • The World Bridge Federation (WBF) represented by Mr. J. Damiani, President
  • The International Chess Federation (FIDE) represented by Mr. G. Makropoulos, Deputy President and Mr. D. Jarrett, Treasurer
  • The World Federation of the Draught Games (FMJD) represented by Mr. W. Van Beeck, Vice-President
  • The International GO Federation (IGF) represented by Mr E. Puyt, Vice-President and Mr. R. Yamamoto, General Manager.

met together under the aegis of the General Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF).

And decided to constitute the International Mind Sports Association (IMSA).

The aim of this Association is to engage in a dialogue with the International Olympic Committee for the organization of the World Mind Games – Intellympiads - to be held in the Olympic cities following the Winter or Summer Games at a time to be mutually agreed.

This project would have the advantage of using the infrastructures already put into place for the Olympic Games and re-utilizing the teams of volunteers. The final objective, beyond the factual, is of course to facilitate the admission of the national federations of these mind sports into their respective National Olympic Committees.

The Association intends to work towards the recognition of the quality of teaching these disciplines lavished on young people and which helps them considerably in their curriculum (career path).

The Association will therefore work in liaison with – in addition to the IOC and the GAISF – UNESCO and the UN, as it is convinced of its capacity to improve the level of education in the world and to participate in a more peaceful entente through the practice of these sports.

Contacts will be made with other potential world scale sponsors to ensure that these games are profitable, without weighing on the budgets of the federations concerned, while at the same time welcoming national delegations in the best possible economic conditions, in particular through free board and lodging.

In its statutes, the IMSA has provided for the unanimity of the four founders before accepting new members. It will specially be taken in account the quality of the competitions organized by the candidates.

The IMSA will be administrated by an Executive Committee composed of the following

José Damiani - President
George Makropoulos - Deputy President
Erik Puyt - General Secretary
Wouter Van Beeck - Treasurer
Jean-Claude Schupp - Honorary Secretary

Contact for IMSA
40 rue François 1er
75008 Paris