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PRESS RELEASE - Brilliancy Prizes

Friday Feb 4, 2000

Brilliancy Prizes for hands played at Summer Festival of Bridge 2000 which were reported in NOT NEWS 2000 have been decided.

These were judged jointly by Denis Howard and Ron Klinger.

The Brilliancy Prize (free entry to South West Pacific Teams 2001) was won by Leo Goorevich for "Stepping Stone Endplay !" (NOT NEWS #9 page 3).

The second prize goes to two entries as Honourable Mentions. These entries both featured defences and each of the four players receives a $40 book voucher. Book vouchers can be drawn either on The Bridge Shop or Paul Lavings Post Free Books.

The voucher winners are Richard Hills - Hashmat Ali ('Boring Defence' in NOT NEWS #9 page 4) and Margaret Abrahams - Hilary Yovich ('Trust Your Partner' in NOT NEWS #10 page 1).

NOT NEWS is the Daily Bulletin for the Summer Festival of Bridge held in Canberra last month. NOT NEWS 2000 can be found at

Bridge journalists without access to Internet can obtain copies of the NOT NEWS pages under reference by fax from the Australian Bridge Federation. Contact Val Brockwell Ph (02) 6239 2265 Fax (02) 6239 1816.

This Press Release was written by Peter Jamieson and released by the ABF Secretariat, Canberra.